Antler - Day 8

Sat Apr 13, 2024

I wasn't here day 7. It happens, but hopefully not too frequently.

Keynote - Rio Hodges

Customer Discovery

The fastest way to build a startup is to ignore everyone and go non-verbal, work on your computer at home. The best way to build one is to constantly look for feedback in the earliest stages and iterate before over-building.

There's three levels of customer discovery:


Realistically, you'll need to do all three of these at some point (the Hard mode sounds like something you definitely want when you get to UI development). Your role as a founder is to constantly talk to customers and iterate. This is why tenacity is really important as a customer.

What do you do next?

Examples of Insight

So the insight isn't "people want an easy way to rent out their homes" or "people want an internet-connected bike" or "people want cool lounges". Those follow from the insight, which connects a tendency of the market to a mechanism you could construct to make it more efficient.

Example process

Start with a fact: "No one likes doing expenses"

Accepted belief: Expenses are one of those chores you'll eventually have to get around to.

Insight: Expenses never look or feel convenient, so we do the only thing we can to alleviate our pain. We procrastinate.

How do you avoid passing The Mom Test


Exercise - Build your own discussion guide

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