Antler - Day 2

Thu Mar 28, 2024

Minor team notes

Phase 1 Overview

Week 7 Is where you'll be asked to exit if there's judged to be no shot. Don't take it personally, but have it in mind, and see if you can put something together by then, or at least show the potential to be advised and put something together.

Lessons from Previous Cohorts

Snapshot of 10 weeks at Antler (from Ezee Assist)

This is an atypical, but possible trajectory. They had the advantage of having done team formation/chemistry exploration and customer outreach before their Antler cohort started.

Antler Expectations and practical tips

Our Expectations

Your Expectations




It's not worth the FOMO, connect virtually for what you can. Support each other and maintain your routine.

Maintain your health, and the health of the cohort

Founder Intros Part 2

Abdennour Aissaoui

Sia Ghazvinian

Roman Lutsiv

Katrina Sitkovits

Lisa Mohapatra

Alex Ruddock

Armen Jeddi

Alex PQ Zhu

Chirstabel Kim

Shiv Patel

Bardia Heshmati

Esteban Valencia

Vladimir Illinov

Ashwin Jain

Karrar Al Khanjar

Samira Gadri

Christopher Leung

Brittany Lee

Finding your Co-Founder



Anyone want to share a breakup story?

More Founder Intros

Lohit Talasila

Satpreet Singh Aulakh

James Davidson

Elena Bassiachvili

Eman Ebrahimi

Zaninab Bokhari

Prithvi Srinivasan

Kari Ostevik

Moaraj Hasan

Michael Laccetti

Mike Kim

Henry Chen

Lindsay Kim Chung

Anih Jain

Stefano Frontini

Sanchit Jain

Furqan Khan

Oswaldo "Oz" Alvarez Naranjo

Anjali Dhaliwal

Hui Wang (pronounced "Hway")

Andrew Giacomelli

Giorgio Delgado


There was a keynote, but I got burnt out on note taking after the founder intros and just listened this time. I might write up a condensed meditation on it later.

Honestly, the big lessons I ended up remembering after the fact are:

  1. Don't care about Antler right now, focus on company growth, do what's best for your company.
  2. Don't hire anyone until you absolutely must. In particular, junior coders are no longer worth it given how much productivity CoPilot gives an experienced generalist (note to self; get a CoPilot account, I guess. I've found ChatGPT to be a decent but not game-changing addition to my toolkit, so I don't have high expectations)
  3. Validate your market hypotheses. Fucking validate them. Talk to any potential customers immediately, take all of their feedback right now, and don't to-the-hilt an idea unless someone literally throws money at you for it. You should feel a firm and slightly plasticky impact somewhere on your face. The implication was that you should write exactly zero code until you've done this; I'm not convinced, but that's possibly because my rate is high enough that code is pretty cheap for me. YMMV.

It's tempting to dismiss each of them with sophistry, but this is advice from people interacting with the territory. Dismiss at your own peril.

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